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Recruitment Consultant in Hong Kong

Zebra is a holistic HR solution company in Hong Kong. We provide you with all the HR resources you need to outsource your entire HR department.
In our over 20 years of experience in human capital recruitment and HR outsourcing services, we have provided more than 15,000 candidate placements, built more than 40,000 candidates in our talent pool and served more than 200 clients.

We perform advanced recruitment methods, promote your employer branding and adapt to flexible management for your convenience. Choose from any of our holistic HR services that matches your needs:

Executive Search Recruitment

HR Consultancy

Contract Staffing and Outsourcing

Payroll Processing and Automation

Cloud-Based HR Information System

BNO Passport Application and Renewal

Hong Kong Work Permit Management

Human Resource Support for Family Businesses

New company set up in Hong Kong & GBA

And more

Whether you are an enterprise corporation or start-up company, we have the perfect HR  solution for you. Contact our team to get started with HR support services and outsourcing today!

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Customer Testimonials

Check out some of the most recent genuine feedbacks from Zebra's customers

Zebra is one of the biggest contributors to our company's growth. With their help, we hired the top talents, who are now leaders of our company.

Emily Thompson

Chief Executive Officer

Zebra is one of the biggest contributors to our company's growth. With their help, we hired the top talents, who are now leaders of our company.

Derek David

Business Development Director

HR Management has never been an issue for us since partnering with Zebra. Thanks to their professional team, doing so has helped us focus on building our new office in Hong Kong!

Jeremy Miller

Chief Finance Officer

Since getting Zebra's support in contract staffing, recruiting talent has never been an issue for us! We trust them in acquiring the top talent for us.

Dora Chan

Managing Director

We are very pleased with Zebra's automated payroll solution as it has allowed us to have a worry-free experience. Using the system also meant payroll data is strictly kept confidential.

Dorothy Wong

Chief Marketing Director

Payroll disbursement has never been so easy since using eHRIS. All the data we need is available in the system to stay compliant and disburse wages on time.

Andrea Taylor

Head of Business Development

Even with the government restrictions during the height of COVID-19 in the country, we successfully applied for the visa renewal of our expatriate team members.

Kathy Lai

Human Resources Director

It was such a pleasure working with Zebra on our BNO passport renewal. The passport advisors were courteous in guiding us and they were with us throughout the entire process.

Alex Garcia

Financial Controller

Thanks to Zebra Group, we were able to launch our Hong Kong branch successfully and in no time. They showed expertise and proper rapport while we were working with them.

Paul Leung

Head of Business Development

Launching our company in Hong Kong has never been easier. Thanks to Zebra Group, we were able to register our business, recruit candidates and scale our team in no time.

Dean Martin

Director of Marketing and Business Development

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