7 Reasons to Go Paperless with Your Payroll


To transition to paperless payroll, it is important to understand what it means to be "paperless." This does not necessarily mean reducing the amount of paper used or saving trees. Instead, it involves eliminating the need for physical documents and using electronic ones instead.

With paperless payroll, all pay stubs, tax forms, and other compensation-related documents are securely stored on a server, rather than being printed out and mailed or distributed in person at the end of each month. This can save time and money for both employers and employees. There is no more waiting for snail mail delivery or shuffling through piles of paperwork when filing taxes. Plus, there is no more printing forms at home, only to realize they are needed at work (and vice versa).

Advantages of Going Paperless

1. Cost Savings 

Going paperless can save you a lot of money. The biggest savings come from reduced printing costs and labor, but there are other benefits as well:

  • By using fewer paper products, you reduce waste and the number of trees cut down.
  • You'll be able to use your time more efficiently because you won't have to deal with the hassle of sorting through stacks of documents each week or month.

2. Increased Accuracy 

One reason to switch to a paperless payroll system is to increase accuracy. With a paper-based system, there are numerous opportunities for human error to occur. Employees may misread forms or enter incorrect data into the system, which can result in errors in reports and even tax filings. In contrast, an electronic system automates much of the process and eliminates manual steps that could lead to errors in reporting or filing taxes. This results in a more accurate record of employee earnings and deductions than what you would get from using paper-based methods alone.

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3. Enhanced Security

Security is a critical concern for many businesses, and it can be easily addressed with the use of a paperless payroll system. Storing sensitive information on physical documents or hard drives increases the risk of data breaches. By using paperless payroll systems, this risk is significantly reduced.

Paperless payroll systems also provide better security because they are more challenging for hackers to access than traditional paper-based systems. With fewer chances for hackers to steal your employees' personal or financial data, there are fewer opportunities for identity theft issues to arise.

4. Enhanced Efficiency 

Going paperless can help improve the efficiency of your payroll process, saving you both time and money. Electronic paystubs are faster, more accurate, and require less manual labor than traditional methods. Many companies have been able to cut their processing time in half by switching to electronic paystubs from paper checks or manual payments. This not only saves time, but it also means that employees get paid faster, which is always a good thing!

5. Improved Employee Satisfaction 

Going paperless can also lead to improved employee satisfaction. Employees receive their paychecks faster and more accurately, which makes them happier. They also appreciate the convenience of being able to access their information from anywhere at any time. If an employee has questions about their paycheck, they can contact payroll without having to visit the office in person or wait for mail delivery times (which could take days).


6. Increased Scalability 

Going paperless with your payroll makes it easier to scale up or down, which means you can more efficiently manage your business. It also improves data accuracy and makes it easier for employees to file their taxes each year, helping them avoid penalties from the IRS.

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7. Enhanced Reporting and Analysis

One of the biggest advantages of transitioning to a paperless system is the improved reporting and analysis capabilities. With a digital system, you can accurately and easily track your payroll data like never before. You'll be able to view how much has been paid out to each employee, when they were paid, how many hours they worked, and more. This makes it much easier to identify trends in your payroll expenses over time. For instance, if you observe that some employees are consistently working overtime or taking sick days without proper documentation, then this could be an indication that something needs to be changed within your company policies (or perhaps even with those specific individuals).


How Zebra can help you?

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