How to Improve Your Company’s Recruitment Process


It’s a tough world out there and competition is not only evident among job seekers but among employers as well. With online recruitment speeding things up, competent candidates are in demand and you got no choice but to keep up with the pace. 

Your company’s growth is hugely affected by the recruitment process you implement. With the right hiring procedure, you'd get to land the best people for the role. The caliber of your team is more likely a contributor to the success of your business. So how do you get the right people on board?


Why Opt for a Fast and Efficient Recruitment Process

A fast and efficient recruitment process will save your HR team time and resources from getting wasted on the wrong people. Recruiting quickly while upholding your company standards is the best way to select the best people for the job.
A fast and efficient recruitment process can:

    • Result in quality hires - While technology is changing the momentum of the market, candidates are also creating their expectations. A fast and efficient recruitment process will help you secure the best talent pool. 
    • Save resources and money - Through an efficient recruitment process, any company can save time, effort, money, and other resources. Some companies outsource the role or even delegate the tasks of the vacancy which is time-consuming and detrimental to the organization’s processes. By hiring faster, you can save on extra costs and time spent on interviews and other requirements of the selection process. 
    • Increase acceptance rates - By hiring faster, you will have the competitive advantage to be accepted by quality hires. Faster hiring will minimize the chance for candidates to explore other opportunities and focus on your offer. 
    • Raise productivity levels - A great recruitment experience serve as motivation for newly-hired employees to showcase their skills and do more. This also translates to longer employee retention and success in performing their roles. 
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Ways to Improve your Company’s Hiring Process 

Here are a few things you should know to improve the whole recruitment process and provide a wonderful experience to your would-be employees. 

Make hiring an effort for the entire team 

The hiring task is not only the job of one person. Hiring becomes faster when a lot more is involved including other employees who may benefit from your company’s referral system. An employee referral program comes with rewards and incentives for your current employees who may recommend people they know to apply for the vacancy. 

Improve the job description and define the position

Useful details about the vacancy can help attract the right candidates. Long job ads may not help. Before announcing a vacancy, make sure you provide details of the open roles and choose clear job titles. Make a clear distinction between “nice to have” and “must have. Remember, the job ads are a reflection of your organization’s culture and goals. The job ad content could be a factor in the type of candidates who may be interested in applying. 

Know where the talents are and be visible there

Candidate sourcing is important when wanting to secure the best talent pool out there. Although social media presence is necessary, you may also need to attend events and invest in talent-sourcing tools. The sourcing tools are usually built with candidate profiles, resumes, contact information, and skills. 

Recruitment processing outsourcing (RPO) can be very useful as an additional recruitment source. Any organization can transfer all tasks entailed with the recruitment process to a third party or to an external service provider. Most RPO service providers are talent recruitment experts capable of identifying the right person required for the role. 


Carefully evaluate candidates

Before moving to the next steps of the recruitment process, carefully evaluate candidate credentials and experiences. The resume should be substantial in providing you with an idea of what the candidate can do to successfully fulfill the role. Depending on the vacancy, you may need to require the candidates to undergo tests, provide a sample, or even submit a portfolio. Some candidates have been asked to advance to the next steps only to realize that their skills do not quite match what you're looking for. 

Use a recruiting software

Optimizing the hiring process is possible by using a recruitment software known as the applicant tracking system (ATS). ATS is also called a talent management system that streamlines the entire hiring process. Starting from the beginning up to the end, ATS has the ability to post on multiple job platforms, screen applications, and store applicant information. 

ATS is from CRM or candidate relationship management which maintains relationships with pooled talents. CRM essentially functions as a platform for talent pools for potential job openings in the future. 

Using ATS, CRM or any recruiting software available today trims down the complexity of the current hiring process. It should be capable of helping you hasten the sourcing, engagement, selection, and hiring of your future employees. 

Improve your website and update the career page

Candidate experience is important in helping them to decide to accept your offer. Your website is representative of your reputation as an employer. More often than not, any competitive candidate would look into your website and search the pages to personally see if the skills and experience match your requirement. Your about page, projects, testimonials, and other information can be factors in helping the candidate decide. An informative, genuine, and user-friendly Career’s Page will shorten the entire hiring process allowing CVs and other credentials to reach your inbox in no time. 

Evaluate the results of your previous hiring journey

Let your hiring team review the past hiring activities they’ve done for previous vacancies. How long was the hiring process? Were structured interviews used? What types of questions were asked? How were interviews scheduled and conducted? How did potential candidates respond? Identify the loopholes and make sure these are corrected in the current process. 



The right people in your team can definitely contribute to your organization’s growth. Improving your hiring process through Zebra will streamline complexities and will help you catch the best person for the job. Let your HR department review the hiring process and come up with a faster, more efficient recruitment policy that gets the best talent onboard.


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