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A Global Provider – Business Process Outsourcing Services

Our eHR solutions has provided our client to streamline their HR process and be able to manage the human resources effectively. With the advanced technology solution, we enabled our client to manage various HR aspects including employment records, leave, attendance, tax by themselves without purchase any onsite equipment.


As a global provider of business process outsourcing services, our client is urgently looking for a suite of online HR workflow applications that permitted the client to automate many aspects of their HR management. The primary objective was to gain the dual benefits of reducing the work load of their human resources department as well as increasing the efficiency of the department by standardizing human resources processes.



This advanced technology solution permitted the client to manage their employment records, leave, attendance, tax, expense with employee self-help all through a web browser without any special purpose onsite equipment. Our SaaS model also fulfilled the client’s need for eliminating the purchase of an in-house solution and the associated requirement for in-house IT support.



We helped our client to build a sales team of more than one-hundred contract staff. We take this as an on-going assignment that we have to provide a full RPO cycle. Our support has freed our clients from all HR administration duties. We continue to be retained by our client for their HR needs related to their expansion plans.