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Our eHR solutions has provided our client to streamline their HR process and be able to manage the human resources effectively. With the advanced technology solution, we enabled our client to manage various HR aspects including employment records, leave, attendance, tax by themselves without purchase any onsite equipment.


The continuous globalisation of business fuels demands for the Business Process Outsourcing service industry. Seizing the continued growth of the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service industry, a newly founded company in Hong Kong decided to expand their business to the global market and they need a holistic and advanced HR Information System to streamline human resource processes and ensure efficiency within the organisation.



To expand in a short period of time, the BPO service company urgently needed a set of reliable and accessible HR management tools to help them to manage HR operations and payroll for the employees located in different countries. They recognized the need to integrate their own customized system with a cloud-based HR Management system for total solution and in order to standardise the human resource process and ultimately increase the department's efficiency. Moreover, automation of these HR processes eliminates the repetitive administrative work of the human resource department, thereby allowing them to focus more on the business.



Zebra facilitated the digital transformation of the company's human resources department through the ZEBRA HR System (eHRIS) Suite. This award-winning software suite is both comprehensive and easy to use. Working with the company's available staff records, Zebra assists in studying their employee data and building the company's cloud-based human resources information system. The eHRIS is comprised of workflow applications that the end-users can access through a browser: 

  • An online portal to accept new applicants in the recruitment process
  • Tax compliance and benefits management for onboarding employees
  • Attendance and leave management
  • Employee expense claims management
  • MPF processing and tax-return filing
  • Customised payroll processing service

Zebra's Human Resource Information Software was tailored to meet the client's needs and deployed in days. Since it is a cloud-based service, the HR system met the client's business needs without needing any special on-site technical infrastructure or in-house IT staff.



With Zebra's Online eHRIS solution, the client avoids the high cost of developing an in-house system themselves. Currently, it securely hosts, manages, and distributes information—including attendance, leaves, tax, expense reports and more — with an interactive self-service interface your employees can use to request their information online whenever they need it. 

As a bonus, a dedicated support team is readily available should there be any concerns with the system. With the positive turnout of the current engagement, the BPO company still chooses Zebra as their partner for their HR Management needs as they pursue expansion plans.