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Apparel Sourcing Company- Executive Search & eHR Services

As the strategic HR partner of an apparel sourcing company, we supported them with a full range of human resources services from providing professional advices on local regulations and employment ordinance, talent acquisition to post follow up on both candidate and client. We take pride to assist our client in filling up the human capital needs with our holistic HR solutions with full satisfactory.


A USA based retailer with outlets throughout the USA wanted to expand their business in Hong Kong and China. When entering the competitive Asia market, their objective was to hit the ground running and get straight to business. The last thing they wanted to be concerned with was how to establish their office. They realized the need to be aware of the local regulations; to comply with local employment ordinance. More importantly, they understood the need to focus on all the minute details and attention needed in searching mid-to-high management talent and sourcing for the right staff, putting them on the right contract and finally paying them. At the same time they are striving to find a better way to manage employees throughout the region.



They seek the professional advices and support from us. Part of the our difference is its’ holistic solutions consisting of a comprehensive range of offered services and products.

We assisted the client in establishing their office in Hong Kong and provided a full range of services. These began with executive search services; we provided a complete team including mid-to-high level positions with the three-month deadline. We were subsequently contracted as their external HR services provider for all their HR needs freeing them to focus all their resources on their business objectives.

Our eHR applications are hosted in a world-class data centre in Hong Kong with industrial strength security and full backup service, eliminating the need for the client to build an in-house IT team. The eHR services are accessible from a web-based browser and equipped with email routing and configurable access rights.



This capability enabled the company’s Regional HR Director to receive consolidating reporting for the region from the convenience of their office. Where ad-hoc reports would be advantageous the client creates them in most cases by using the Zebra Report Writer in eight easy steps. The most crucial element is the custom reports that can be requested from us anytime.