Global Security Standard

This case study was conducted in 2020. To protect the client’s identity, the company name has been changed to XYZ Company and some visual design elements have been altered. Our client, XYZ Company is an UK based British high-street Chain which sells homewares/household goods and distribute around the world.


Zebra has supported XYZ Company to manage the payroll processing, which requires handling many of sensitive and confidential information. We recognize that there is increasing concerns by Clients about information security management.



To address such concern, our internal platform is run completely through cloud technology which is an enclosed environment to ensure client data is in a secured storage. All transmitted files containing confidential data are encrypted and multiple levels of access controls are in place to ensure that client confidential data is only given to employees on a "need to know" basis.



We follow stringent security protocols in securing our Client’s data, which enables us to work with global financial institutions and other global leaders, and to fulfill their internationally recognized information security standards assessment and practices.