Foreign Asset Management Company seeks for Payroll Processing Services

We handled the payroll related matter for a well-established asset management company in Hong Kong. This is a crutial responsibility especially at a time when they are going through major restructuring in Hong Kong. They looked for us to handle the expatriate payroll related activities. We have earned high satisfaction from our client not only on payroll handling, but also on keeping the expatriate package confidential.


Hong Kong is one of the world's most important financial centres with an investment-friendly ambiance which attracts tons of financial companies to set up offices here including our client - a foreign asset management company. For the past three years, their management decided to shut down most under-performing offices in Europe and North America and focus their business in Asia.



All the team units underwent a major restructuring based on this business decision and lots of expatriate staff members, including senior management, were consequently affected by this company-wide transformation and needed to relocate to Hong Kong. Given that the salary and living costs are significantly high in Europe, senior expatriate management is awarded a better compensation package than the local senior management team. The company wanted to avoid any conflict arising from this disparity that may affect the local team's morale.



Understanding the need to maintain a healthy working culture and environment for the well-being of its employees, the company sought Zebra's support to provide confidential payroll disbursements to the newly onboarded expatriate team with monthly payroll processing and remittance, tax filing and compliance, as well as employee and payroll documentation.

In addition to this, Zebra communicates directly with the head office, increasing the confidentiality of compensation and employee information. With Zebra's solution, the company can easily access and manage its payroll process from its head office outside Hong Kong.



Zebra separately handles the payroll activities of their senior expatriate staff. With Zebra's compliance and professional expertise, not only the payroll processing and tax filing of that senior management is handled professionally, more importantly, the company can maintain excellent working morale that allows every team member to work happily.