International Bank – Contract Seconded Staffing

Being a strategic partner of an international bank, Zebra has supported our client to build a team of one-hundred contract staff in an efficient and tactical manner. We handled the whole recruitment process and freed our clients from all HR administration duties.


All international banks have to comply with the core principles established by the HKMA. The principles aim at devising a supervisory system to preserve the stability and maintain the effective operation of the banking system, meanwhile providing flexibility for authorized institutions to make business decisions.



With the emergence and rapid growth of virtual banks in Hong Kong,  the competition in the banking sector is drastically increased for the past 2 years. One of Zebra’s multi-national banking clients was undergoing a rapid expansion in Hong Kong and sought to enlarge its market exposure for its banking products. An experienced sales team would be critical for the bank to deliver the key benefits to the clients. However, they found it very challenging to find the right candidate as well as reduce the turnover rate of their sales team.



As a strategic partner of the bank, Zebra has been entrusted with the task of building its sales team. Starting from scratch, we aim to secure the right candidates for the team and soar to meet the bank’s challenging requirements in a brief time.


To tackle the challenges, Zebra took charge of the recruitment procedure, from candidates screening and selection. With well understanding of the job criteria for different positions and the huge talent pool Zebra cumulated for the past decades, we strive for searching for the best candidates for this sales team and even handle the follow-up contract signing to the ongoing payroll and HR administrative duties.

Under the circumstance of the pandemic, Zebra also strives to assist flexible working arrangements for its contract staff working at the bank, as well as helping them to comply with the ever-changing local banking policies.



Zebra helped recruit a sales team of more than a hundred self-driven, highly competitive and conscientious contract staff. We provided a full RPO cycle as we treated it as an ongoing process. Our support has freed our clients from all of the tedious and mundane HR administration duties so that they can put their focus on higher-order duties. Up till now, Zebra continues to assist our clients with their HR-related responsibilities and contributes to their expansion plan.