Best Outsource Payroll Software Developer

Our eHR solutions are widely renowned throughout Hong Kong. At Zebra, we pride ourselves on providing the perfect solution for your company. Through our eHR solutions, we have created an extensive customization for payroll, tax filing services and data handling applications for our various clientele. 

We specially designed a proprietary technology platform, which enables our clientele with both the comprehensive handling of, and full compliance with, the required services. Here, what sets our solutions apart, is that we enable you to fulfil your needs without making a large financial or technological investment. 



For the rapid growth of the FinTech industry for the past few years, an international software provider specialising in software development for financial institutions doubled their team size into 180+ staff members within a half year to fulfil their business needs. However, they recognized that they needed a more effective solution to handle all the employees' HR-related duties.



The company previously gave less attention to the HR side. They used Google spreadsheet to handle all the payroll and Google calendar to manage employee attendance until they figured out these simple tools became impossible to fulfil all their HR requirements, including payroll requirements, tax filing services and pre-payroll data management due to the massive expansion of the team. For a more efficient payroll process, they needed a highly customizable, self-service system that allows the employees to manage attendance and leave data on their own while serving as an information hub of tax, regulatory and compliance data for the HR team.



The company approached Zebra to provide a payroll processing solution that handles pre-payroll input, employee attendance and leave management, tax management, regulatory filings, and compliance. eHRIS or Electronic HR Information System is an online application by Zebra that automates the human resource workflow and completes administrative tasks in just a few clicks. By onboarding the eHRIS into the HR processes, employees can log in and out and file for a leave on their own. With this data readily available, Zebra's payroll experts can now automate the payroll disbursement while ensuring tax and regulatory compliance in the employee wages. Zebra's highly knowledgable payroll team and its proprietary technology platform allow the company to focus their core business and further expand its business. 



Zebra provided a customised end-to-end payroll management service to the client without significant technological or financial investments. Zebra's cloud-based platform offered uncompromised efficiency, security, and service quality to the software company, allowing the company to keep on expanding their team and managing their team effectively. As a bonus, Zebra also provides legal and HR Advisory Services for the team on recruiting remote employees in other Asian countries such as Singapore and Vietnam to seize the business opportunities right there.