Zebra is Recognized as Carbon Commitment Partner


Zebra Strategic Outsource Solution Limited is recognized as Carbon Smart Low- Carbon Commitment Partner and will participate in Carbon Audit Pilot Fund, 2013.

Zebra has completed all basic and applicable carbon reduction measures as recommended in the CAPF carbon audit report and devised a plan to implement carbon reduction measures that involve investment in facilities. We will continue to demonstrate the commitment in reducing carbon emissions in the future.

About Carbon Smart

The CarbonSmart Programme is a 2.5-year Government-funded programme organized by the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) in collaboration with the Federation of Hong Kong Industries (FHKI), Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) and Business Environment Council (BEC).

The Programme aims to encourage and sustain concerted industry effort on carbon audit and reduction to shape a low carbon future, as well as facilitate the development of related environmental industries. Under the campaign banner of CarbonSmart, the campaign aims to identify around 200 companies to become Hong Kong’s showcases in low carbon business.