SOS won “The Best Solution Linux & OSS”

Zebra Strategic Outsource Solutions (SOS) has won Linuxpilot “The Best Solution Linux & OSS” in six consecutive years. Linux Pilot offers the most resourceful and powerful IT information. It recognizes top quality brands in markets and thus facilitates customers’ comprehension on market intelligence.

Zebra SOS has won “The Best Solution Linux & OSS” due to its innovative technology; Zebra’s proprietary technology platform offers payroll services to our clients from financial institutions to big shopping malls in HK. We offer our clients a world class and easy-to-use payroll solution which meets and exceeds industry standards. Our wide range of payroll services offers our customers the ability to choose a solution that’s best suited to fit their needs.   Our services achieve uncompromised efficiency, security, and service quality to organizations and employees without large financial or technological investments.

Zebra’s mission is not only to find the right talent for our clients, but also to handle the routine administrations so that the HR directors and senior management can save time and focus efforts on their HR strategy or on growing business.