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Contract Staffing Outsource

Why Choose Zebra for Contract Staffing? 

We’re a leading provider of HR services and employee outsourcing in Hong Kong. With Zebra, we can act as your external HR team, providing a one-stop contract and temporary staffing service sure to meet the needs of your business in Hong Kong. 

We maintain an extensive temporary and contract staffing database of various sectors and hence, we are able to swiftly respond to incredibly challenging human resources’ demands, even including short-term solutions on request.

To find out more about how Zebra can assist you, contact us today at +852 2116 8130. 

More about contract staffing....

We’ve provided a professional outsource payroll service for over 3,000 employees across our clientele, including contract staffing for both short-term and long-term contracts in Hong Kong. 

At Zebra, not only do we meet your immediate demands, but we also provide complete support. We offer immediate administration services regarding contract staffing outsourcing for your business in Hong Kong. These services include pre-employment checking, contract preparation and onboarding processes, a payroll process, MPF management, tax return preparation, compensation and benefit administration. 

We’ve perfected a solid 6-step process, which drives how we fulfil our globally-renowned contract staffing outsource service every time. First, we shortlist only the best candidates in Hong Kong for the job; capable of delivering the special talent required to get the job done. We then arrange an interview with each candidate, whereby we notify successful candidates with mandatory pre-employment administration work. Following the completion of this, we then organise payroll processing, MPF, tax returns, ePayslip and tax - and may the work begin! 

In addition to contract staffing, our HR outsourcing agency here in Hong Kong also provide a full range of solutions including recruitment, HR support services, payroll services and eHRIS; our exclusively designed all-in-one human resources platform.  

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