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A online HR workflow applications Rebust, Comprehensive and fully Configurable

The Most Powerful Software, Say Hello to Zebra eHR Suite

We believe that a solid information system and efficient operations are key elements to the success of a business. We have developed a web-based suite (eHR) which offers online human resources workflow applications that allow clients to automate many aspects of human resources management. The eHRIS includes eHRIS, eLeave, ePayroll, ePayslip and eTax functions.




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About Zebra HRMS

Zebra takes pride in our position as a leading HR service company providing professional outsource payroll service for over 3,000 employees of our clients. Our outsource payroll services include payroll coordination based on an agreed payroll schedule, pay items’ calculation based on statutory requirements and company policies, employee record maintenance, payroll reports generation, MPF submission and income tax reporting so on and so forth.

Our service industries including premiere international and regional banks, financial institutions, shipping, education institutions, telecommunication, law firms, construction, manufacturers, retailers and more. We have earned a reputation for delivering accurate, confidential and compliance assured payroll services since 2003.

What makes our eHR outstanding

  • Moving your Business Forward

    Spend your time doing what you do best! With Zebra as your IT expert, you leave the hassle to us while still have full access to and control over your HR and payroll functions.
  • Tailmade Your Needs

    With eHR, Zebra handles all the technical HR and Payroll application issues associated with implementing, maintaining, upgrading, and supporting your human resources and payroll activities. You spend more time focusing on strategic initiatives to grow your business.

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