International Bank – Contract Seconded Staffing

Being a strategic partner of an international bank, Zebra has supported our client to build a team of one-hundred contract staff in an efficient and tactical manner. We handled the whole recruitment process and freed our clients from all HR administration duties.


All international banks have to comply with the core principles established by the HKMA. The objective is to devise a supervisory system to help preserve the general stability and effective working of the banking system, while at the same time providing sufficient flexibility for authorized institutions to take commercial decisions.

One of our multi-national banking clients was undergoing a rapid expansion in Hong Kong and sought to increase its’ market exposure for its banking products. We were identified as a strategic partner and entrusted with the task of building their sales team.  The assignment involved starting from scratch, moving rapidly to meet the bank’s challenging requirements of short lead times and of course to securing the best candidates.  An additional challenge involved flexible working arrangements and the fulfilment of the very strict compliance guidelines of the bank’s HK policies.



The bank contracted us to provide contract staff to meet their challenging requirement. We immediately worked with the Bank to start the hiring process.  Providing our client with a holistic solution, we handled the whole recruitment process from candidates screening, hiring and contract signing to the ongoing payroll and HR administration duties.



We helped our client to build a sales team of more than one-hundred contract staff. We take this as an on-going assignment that we have to provide a full RPO cycle. Our support has freed our clients from all HR administration duties. We continue to be retained by our client for their HR needs related to their expansion plans.

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