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Supporting our clients to locate and contract specific freelance talents experts, we greatly enhanced our client’s efficiency and supported them to meet the demanding needs in today’s competitive environment. Most importantly, we have reduced our client’s operation costs and minimized the administrative burden.


The technology team of a global bank with a large Hong Kong organization and international branches had developed an application for internal-use by the bank.  The application provides financial metrics, CRM, deals and other information on institutional clients for the bank’s senior and executive level employees. The bank’s technology team decided to staff a technology savvy contractor with people skills in each global hub for six months to schedule appointments for installation and demonstration of the app to their users.  The bank’s local office contacted us for seeking the best solution.


Our clients have engaged us to locate and contract specific freelance talent experts who can establish a business-to-business relationship with the bank. By utilizing our extensive pool of freelance talent experts, we were able to identify a short list of qualified talent in less than a week. We then assisted the selected freelance contractor to create the requisite company structure enabling a business-to-business relationship between the bank and the freelance contractor.


Take advantage of our extensive industry know-how, a large network of contacts across a number of industries. We greatly enhanced our client’s efficiency and meet their demanding needs in today’s competitive, fast-paced business environment.  At the same time, we reduced our client’s operating costs and minimized their administrative burden.

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Victor Chang
Victor Chang, Non-executive Director