Software Developer – Outsource Payroll

Our eHR solutions has created an extensive customization on payroll, tax filing service and data handling application for our client. We designed a proprietary technology platform that provide our client a comprehensive handling for the required services that fully complied with their requirements. The crucial element is our solutions enable to fulfil their needs without large financial or technological investments.


We were approached by an international software provider employs over one hundred and eighty persons who are engaged in developing applications for financial institutions. The company’s requested extensive customization to meet the company’s payroll requirements, tax filing services and the handling of pre-payroll data.



The company decided to come to us based on our references of professional payroll services which are serving a number of high headcount clients across different industries. They asked us to manage their payroll processing and employee payroll tax filling. We delivered the client our eHR payroll solution providing a comprehensive handling for pre-payroll input, attendance, leave, support of employee tax and regulatory filings that fully complied with their requirements. All functions and services of our solutions are accessible via a web browser for review by the client’s management and self-help for the client’s staff.



We provided a comprehensive end-to-end payroll outsourcing solution. Its highly knowledgeable payroll team and the wide range of payroll services offered client the ability to choose a tailor-made solution that is best suited to fit their needs. Our proprietary technology platform offered uncompromised efficiency, security and service quality to client and their employees without large financial or technological investments.

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