Template – hr support services

Template – hr support services

We are fully committed to be the most supportive, reliable and dedicated partner to our clients
Hr solutions to achieve cost saving and better hr management

By utilizing our comprehensive HR Consulting Services, our client will gain the most updated market information and valuable knowledge related to Hong Kong labour ordinance. Our clients and businesses are able to gain better control over their HR function with efficiency, accuracy and reliability.

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Benefit from our one-stop services

The HR consulting services include:

  • Business set-up in HK
  • Recruitment and selection
  • HR Outsourcing Service include:
  • Zebra’s proprietary technology platform offers payroll services
  • Employee compensation
  • Insurance vendor selection & setup
  • Employee compensation
  • MPF vendor selection & setup

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Why zebra HR consulting services?

Our HR solutions cover full spectrum HR services from recruitment, HR administration to payroll management. We see the importance of this one-stop service to our customers not only reducing the expenses of HR administration for better budget control, but also increasing the efficiency, accuracy and reliability based on zebra extensive experience and quality service.